Getting a dog car seat is an excellent way to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable while travelling. Dog car seats protect your dog in a crash by preventing them from becoming a dangerous projectile. They also keep your dog from roaming around the car and distracting you while driving.

When choosing a dog car seat, you’ll want to consider your dog’s size, vehicle type, ease of installation, materials, and special features like crash testing and attachments. This article reviews the ten best dog car seats on the market today, providing detailed information to help you select the right one for your pup.

How To Choose the Best Dog Car Seat

There are several factors to consider when picking out a dog car seat:

Size of Your Dog

You’ll want to choose a dog car seat that fits your dog’s weight and measurements. Check the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines and measure your dog before buying. The car seat should be snug but allow your dog to sit, stand, and turn around comfortably.

Your Vehicle Type

Ensure the dog car seat is compatible with your vehicle’s seat belts or LATCH system if you use a harness or restraint. Measure the width between your rear seats as well.

Ease of Installation

Look for quick and easy installation with adjustable straps and snap-in buckles. Simple installation ensures the seat stays properly secured.


Durable fabrics that are easy to clean, like nylon and microfiber, are ideal. Waterproof materials help contain accidents. Sturdy frames prevent collapsing.

Crash Testing

Choose a dog car seat that has passed standardized crash testing. This ensures it can withstand an impact and protect your dog.


If you want to attach a harness, restraint, or seat belt, check that the car seat has the proper rings, loops, or anchors. Make sure the attachments are crash-test approved.

These factors will help you select the ideal dog car seat for your canine companion. Read on for reviews of the top 10 dog car seats on the market!

Comparison Table of the Top 10 Dog Car Seats

ProductSize RangeKey FeaturesCrash Tested
Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat7-30 lbsRaised platform, crash tested, waterproofYes
Snoozer Lookout Car Seat<15 lbsPadded, elastic fasteners, mastermind liningNo
Pet Gear Bucket Seat5-25 lbsBuilt-in tether, mesh window, removable padNo
K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat5-30 lbsStraps, weatherproof lining, security leashNo
Devoted Doggy Deluxe Booster10-55 lbsNon-slip padding, dual security, adjustable strapsNo
Petbobi P2 Car Seat10-35 lbsPadded chest plate, anti-shake leash, storage pocketsYes
Petmaker PupSaver Booster Seat7-20 lbsFoldable, removable cover, storage bagNo
BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover10-100 lbsQuilted padding, seat belt loops, pocketNo
Active Pets Back Seat CoverAll sizesHammock-style, nonslip backing, seat belt slitsNo
UPSKY Dog Car Seat CoverAll sizesScratch proof, rubber nonslip backing, seat anchorsNo

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Reviews of the Top 10 Dog Car Seats

1. Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat

The Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat is a top choice for small dogs thanks to its safety, comfort, and convenience.

  • Fits pets from 7 to 30 pounds
  • Features a raised platform so your dog can see out the window
  • Crash-tested at the Center for Pet Safety for safety
  • Waterproof outer lining and comfortable microsuede interior
  • Installs via seat belt or LATCH system
  • Comes with a rope to attach your dog’s harness

With its stylish, elevated design, proven crash test safety, and easy installation, the Kurgo Skybox is an excellent dog car seat.

2. Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

The Snoozer Lookout Car Seat delivers a cosy ride for little pups.

  • Designed for pets up to 15 pounds
  • Padded interior with mastermind lining keeps dogs comfy
  • Elastic straps at the sides offer a custom fit for each pet
  • The elevated platform gives dogs better visibility
  • Attaches via seat belts or console latch bar
  • Comes in a variety of stylish designs and colours

With a raised design, this well-padded, adjustable dog car seat ensures smaller dogs travel comfortably and safely.

3. Pet Gear Bucket Seat

The Pet Gear Bucket Seat has helpful features for safe and relaxed travel.

  • Accommodates pets 5-25 pounds
  • Features a built-in rope to secure the dog via a harness
  • Mesh window for ventilation
  • The removable fleece pad is machine washable
  • Attaches to seat with adjustable straps
  • Collapses for convenient storage

The Pet Gear Bucket Seat keeps dogs happy and stable in the car, from its ventilated design and cosy pad to its built-in tether.

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4. K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat

The K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat delivers versatile security and comfort.

  • Fits pets 5-30 pounds
  • Adjustable security straps keep the seat in place
  • Weatherproof inner lining protects from accidents
  • Includes a security leash to keep pets in place
  • Mesh windows allow air circulation
  • Versatile – can be used as a booster or carrier

With its smart design that transforms from carrier to booster, the K&H Bucket Seat adapts for safe and relaxed travel.

5. Devoted Doggy Deluxe Booster Seat

The Devoted Doggy Deluxe Booster Seat provides comfort and versatility.

  • Accommodates pets 10-55 pounds
  • Features nonslip rubber padding on the bottom
  • Dual security system with strap and car seat belt loops
  • Adjustable straps for optimal fit
  • Machine washable liner and Diono’s stain-resistant fabric
  • It can be used forward or rear-facing

The Devoted Doggy Deluxe Booster adapts for secure and cosy travel with its dual security system and reversible design.

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6. Petbobi P2 Car Seat

The Petbobi P2 Car Seat offers advanced protection through innovation.

  • Supports pets 10-35 pounds
  • Crash-tested and certified for safety assurance
  • Features a padded chest plate for impact protection
  • Uses an anti-shake leash to prevent twisting
  • Has side storage pockets for convenience
  • Installs via seat belt or headrest straps

With its smart chest plate and rigorous testing, the Petbobi P2 protects your dog in the event of an accident.

7. Petmaker PupSaver Booster Seat

The Petmaker PupSaver Booster Seat delivers convenient and portable comfort.

  • Designed for pets 7-20 pounds
  • Foldable design saves space when storing
  • The removable zippered cover is machine washable
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag
  • Attaches via adjustable straps and buckles
  • Polyester foam offers ideal cushioning

Whether you need a compact booster at home or on the go, the foldable Petmaker PupSaver is easy to store and transport.

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8. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover

For larger dogs, the BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover offers heavy-duty protection.

  • Accommodates pets 10-100 pounds
  • Durable polyester material with waterproof backing
  • Quilted padding provides a comfy seat surface
  • Seat belt slits allow use of restraints
  • Back pocket for convenient storage
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning

With its cosy padding and heavy-duty polyester, this convertible seat cover protects your backseat from shedding, dirt, and claw marks.

9. Active Pets Back Seat Cover

The Active Pets Back Seat Cover transforms your rear seats with a full hammock-style protector.

  • Fits all sizes of dogs and most vehicles
  • Nonslip rubber backing keeps the cover in place
  • Waterproof polyester top with sturdy seams
  • Converts from hammock to standard bench style
  • Integrated seat belt slits for restraint use
  • Machine washable for simple cleaning

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10. UPSKY Dog Car Seat Cover

The UPSKY Dog Car Seat Cover has you covered from all angles for ultimate protection.

  • Fits all size dogs and cars
  • Durable scratch-proof 600D Oxford fabric
  • Rubber nonslip backing keeps the cover firmly in place
  • Anchors attach to child seat hooks for added security
  • Quilted cushion boosts comfort on the rear bench
  • Machine washable for repeat use

With anchors, a nonslip bottom, and rip-resistant fabric, this sturdy car seat cover offers heavy-duty protection for your entire backseat.

Choosing the Right Dog Car Seat

With so many excellent dog car seat options, which one should you choose? Here are some final tips for selecting the perfect model for your pup:

  • Measure your dog and compare to sizing guidelines before picking a seat or cover
  • Select crash-tested products like the Kurgo Skybox for maximum safety
  • Consider your dog’s anxiety level – raised seats like the Snoozer reduce motion sickness
  • Choose a seat with tethers or restraints to secure energetic pups
  • Opt for waterproof, easy-to-clean materials if your dog is prone to accidents
  • Foldable designs like the Petmaker are great for travel and storage
  • Pick a cover that protects all surfaces, such as the UPSKY or Active Pets

While every dog has different needs, following these tips will ensure you select a well-fitting, safe, and comfortable dog car seat. Buckle up your furry friend and hit the road worry-free!


A dog car seat should be essential for any owner who travels with their pet. They boost safety while also keeping your dog comfortable and secure. With many excellent dog car seat options available today, you can find the perfect model to suit your vehicle and pup. Consider size, weight limits, ease of use, and special features when choosing the right dog car seat. By buckling your furry friend into a dog car seat, you can hit the road knowing your pet is protected and prevented from distracting your driver. 

With this guide’s tips and top dog car seat reviews, you can find your canine companion’s perfect match. Just don’t forget to measure accurately and prioritize safety through design features like tethers and crash testing. Investing in a high-quality dog car seat is one of the best ways to enjoy worry-free travels with your dog for years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Car Seats

Are dog car seats really necessary?

Yes, dog car seats are highly recommended, as they keep your dog safe and secure while protecting your vehicle’s upholstery from dirt, fur, and damage. Unrestrained dogs can become dangerous projectiles in a crash.

What size dog car seat do I need?

Check each seat model’s weight and measurement guidelines and compare them to your dog’s weight and dimensions. Please measure your dog while standing, sitting, and lying down.

How do I measure my dog for a car seat?

Use a soft measuring tape to measure your dog’s length from nose to rump and chest circumference. Also, measure height while standing and sitting. Consult manufacturer sizing charts.

How do I know which car seat covers fit my car?

Check the dimensions of your rear seat area. Covers like the UPSKY come in different sizes to fit most cars, SUVs and trucks. Measure the width between seats as well.

Can I use my dog’s harness with a car seat?

Many dog car seats have built-in tethers or loops for attaching your dog’s harness. Just ensure the harness is properly crash test certified.

Are dog car seats crash-tested for safety?

Some brands, like Kurgo and Petbobi, conduct standardized crash testing. However, not all seats undergo official safety certification testing. Check for proof of crash tests.

How do I clean dog car seat covers?

Look for waterproof, machine-washable materials. Use mild soap and air, or line dry. Check for removable, washable pads as well. Promptly clean accidents for best results.

Can dog car seats be used in aeroplanes?

While not all dog car seats meet airline specifications, some, like the Pet Gear Bucket Seat, can double as airline carriers if they fit under the seat dimensions.

Where can I buy dog car seats?

Dog car seats are available at pet supply stores, online retailers like Amazon, and directly from manufacturers. Shop early for the best selection.

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