Playing fetch with your dog is a great way to bond, provide exercise, and have fun together! With so many toy options available, choosing the suitable fetch dog toys for your pup can get overwhelming. In this article, we’ll explore different factors when selecting fetch toys and provide examples of our top-recommended fetch-friendly toys for dogs of all ages, sizes, and play styles. Read on to learn how to pick toys your dog will love fetching!

Benefits of Playing Fetch: Dog Toys

Before diving into types of fetch toys, let’s review some of the key benefits of playing this classic game with your Dog Toys:

  • Exercise – Running back and forth during fetch provides physical activity and helps burn energy. This is especially great for high-energy dogs.
  •  Mental Stimulation – Having to locate and return the toy keeps your dog’s mind engaged and challenged.
  •  Bonding – Any activity that allows you to interact with your dog positively helps strengthen your bond and relationship.
  •  Training Tool – Fetch can reinforce the “drop” command and impulse control. You can train your dog to wait until you throw the toy.
  •  Fun! – First and foremost, most dogs love a good game of fetch! It’s an enjoyable way for you and your pet to play together.

Fetch checks off the physical, mental, and social needs of dogs. Now, let’s look at how to pick the perfect fetch toys.

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Toy Characteristics to Consider

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when selecting a toy for playing fetch:


Avoid toys with small removable parts that could present a choking hazard if swallowed. Soft, flexible toys are ideal for fetch. Prioritize non-toxic materials in case of chewing or damage.


Toy size should be appropriate for your dog’s breed. Too small a toy could easily get lodged in your dog’s throat. A large toy may be challenging for your smaller dog to carry and return.


Use durable construction with reinforced stitching, if soft, or materials like hard Rubber that can withstand biting and chewing during vigorous play.


Opt for brightly colored toys in hues like neon green, orange, and yellow that stand out against grass. This makes it easier for your dog to find the toy when retrieving it to bring it back to you.

Interest Level

Consider your individual dog’s toy preferences. An active chewer may prefer a toy with some “squish,” whereas a less destructive dog may happily return even plush toys unscathed. Offer a variety of textures and materials to determine what engages your dog.

With these factors in mind, look at top-rated fetch toy picks!

Balls and Ball Launchers

Balls are a quintessential fetch toy for many dogs. Their spherical shape easily rolls and bounces, providing an unpredictable fun element. For dedicated fetch aficionados, automatic ball launchers allow you to throw balls farther distances.

Standard Tennis Balls

Pros: Lightweight, bouncy, inexpensive, easy to throw

Cons: Felt can wear down teeth, off-gassing chemicals, destroyed over time

It is the classic choice but not the safest option long-term due to felt abrasiveness. Opt for Rubber instead.

Rubber Balls

Pros: Durable, allows for tight grips, usually has good bounce

Cons: Can be heavy in larger sizes, limited color/style options

Pick an appropriate rubber ball size for your dog, from bare KONG balls to patterned designs.

Rope Balls

Pros: Textured for gripping, gentle on teeth, floats for water play

Cons: Can unravel if aggressively chewed

These let’s GO! durable rope balls provide texture for easy fetching and curb aggressive chewing.

Ball Selection Guide by Size

Dog WeightBall Diameter
1 – 15 lbs1.5 inches
15 – 35 lbs2 inches
35 – 55 lbs2.5 inches
55 – 90 lbs3 inches
90+ lbs3.5+ inches

Ball Launchers

Launchers like the NERF Dog Tennis Ball Blaster provide hands-free pickup and can launch balls over 50 feet! It is great for bigger dogs who can’t get enough fetching.

Frisbees and Flyers

Another interactive fetch option is aerodynamic discs and flyers for dog catching and returning.

Soft Flying Discs

These fabric frisbee-style discs, like the KONG Flyer, are flexible and gentle on your dog’s bite. Available in vivid colors and patterns for visibility.

Pros: Soft catching, floats on water, good visibility

Cons: Can shred with extremely aggressive chewers

Hard Plastic Flyers

The rigid plastic makes these fly predictably with a smooth release and long, accurate flight path. The JAWZ Disc has a center handle for easy human throwing.

Pros: Durability, aerodynamic flight, easy release. Cons: Hard plastic could potentially injure dogs if hit

Use a soft flying disc for water play. For open-field fetching, a long-flight hard plastic flyer adds excitement!

Fetch Sticks

From sticks to tubes, fetch sticks satisfy dogs’ instinct to run carrying objects in their mouth. Made of materials safer than natural wood, these tossable sticks emulate the chase without the splinters!

  • Bumi Tug Toy – This flexible rubber tube has knotted ends for tug play and a textured surface for easy gripping and carrying.
  •  Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Stick – Available in bright colors, the ergonomic grip makes pickup and throws easy, even when wet and slimy.
  •  ZIPPYPaws Skinny Pack – This 3-pack set of sticks provides variety with different textures – plush fur, tennis ball feet, and crinkly material.

Fetch sticks are machine washable and more durable than natural wood – a win for dogs and their owners!

Fetch Stick Comparison

Bumi Tug Toy$1226 inches1 inchRubber
Chuckit! Stick$726 inches0.75 inchRubber
ZIPPYPaws Skinny Pack$1519 inches0.5 inchFaux Fur & Rubber

Floating Toys for Water Play

Does your dog love splashing and swimming? Floating fetch toys allow the fun to extend into the water!

Floating Ropes

Rope design provides both visibility and buoyancy. Interactive options like the Mekodyne Water Rope have knots, loops, and handles for easy grasp and throw.

Floating Balls

The air-filled Chuckit! Floating Ball has foam insulation, so it’s obvious and floats well for dogs to retrieve. A squeaker adds sound for enhanced interest!

Floating Discs/Frisbees

Soft fabric discs like the KONG Flyer or rubber West Paw Zogoflex float and are flexible and gentler for wet catches.

Floating Fetch Toy Comparison

Mekodyne Water Rope$155 feetHighPolyester Rope
Chuckit! Floating Ball$72.5 inchesModerateRubber exterior, foam interior
KONG Flyer$159 inches diameterModeratePolyester fabric
West Paw Zogoflex$159 inches diameterHighRubber

From pool play to lakes and beaches, pick toys that float so the fun lasts longer when fetching in the water!


Finding the perfect fetch toys for your dog depends on factors like size, durability, safety and your dog’s individual play style preferences. With so many types – from basic balls and sticks to floating toys and frisbee flyers – consider your dog’s needs and environment before choosing toys for them to happily chase after. Trying different textures, materials and shapes will help determine what really engages your canine companion. Just be sure to supervise all fetch play for safety. Most importantly, games of fetch provide great bonding time and exercise for you and your furry friend. Now go grab your leash, a brand new toy and enjoy some fetch-friendly fun with your dog!

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