Getting your dog groomers regularly is an essential part of pet care. Professional dog grooming keeps your pup looking and feeling their best. However, with so many dog grooming salons, how do you find the right one?

This article will highlight the 15 top dog groomers services across the UK. We’ll dwell on what makes them stand out so you can determine the best match for you and your dog. With this guide, you’ll be able to find a groomer your pup will love near you!

What to Look for in a Dog Groomer

When evaluating dog grooming companies, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Experience and training: The best dog groomers have received proper education and certification. They should have years of hands-on experience as well.
  •  Quality equipment and products: High-end tools, tubs, tables, and dog-safe grooming products are must-haves.
  •  Specific services: Look for places that offer more than just an essential bath and trim. Nail trimming, teeth brushing, de-shedding treatments, etc., expand your options.
  •  Stylist specialization: Some groomers focus on specific breeds. Make sure they have experience with your dog’s dog’s style.
  •  Safety and cleanliness: The environment should be tidy, sanitary, and free of dangers that could stress your dog.
  •  Customer service: A caring, compassionate staff will help ensure your dog feels comfortable and content.

When you find a groomer who excels in these aspects, you can trust them to treat your dog right and make them look their best. Remember these criteria as we discuss the top dog grooming services across the UK.

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15 Top Dog Groomers in the UK

1. The Dog House

The Dog House is one of the country’s most renowned dog groomers salons with locations across England. Their staff consists entirely of certified master groomers with specialized skills. They offer all standard and luxury grooming services using high-end industry products.

The Dog House emphasizes safe, stress-free visits. Their salons are clean, spacious, and styled like high-end human hair salons. This environment helps dogs feel calm and comfortable. Reviewers consistently praise their caring, compassionate staff.

Whether your dog needs an essential bath or an intense grooming makeover, The Dog House has the skills and setting to pamper your pup.

Location: Various locations across England

Services: Full grooming services, including bathing, clipping, styling, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. Luxury options like massage, skin treatments, and hair dyeing.

Price Range: £25-£75 per groom

2. The Posh Pooch

Catering specifically to luxury pampering, The Posh Pooch brings a spa-like experience to dog groomers. Their salons aim to be tranquil, stylish environments where dogs receive the royal treatment.

Each groomer is highly qualified with years of experience. They use premium salon-grade tools and products, like all-natural shampoos and organic spa treatments. In addition to full grooming, they offer unique services like blueberry facials, seaweed wraps, and aromatherapy massages.

The Posh Pooch provides a relaxing, rejuvenating visit tailored to your dog’s dogs. It’s perfect for owners who want to indulge their beloved pup.

Location: Salons across central and northern England

Services: Full luxury grooming services, including massage, facials, and skin treatments. Organic salon products.

Price Range: £50-£150 per groom

3. Best in Show Dog Grooming

Living up to its name, Best in Show is one of the UK’s most awarded dog grooming companies. Their groomers consistently win national competitions and rank among the country—even pets who don’t don’t benefit from their show-quality services.

The knowledgeable groomers specialize in breed-specific styling. So, no matter your type of dog’s style, they can expertly groom them to look and feel their best. They also offer hand-stripping, intensive de-shedding, and show prep services.

Best in Show provides an exceptional grooming experience from start to finish. Your beloved pup will leave looking like a contender for the Westminster show ring.

Location: Salons across England and Scotland

Services: Breed-specific styling, hand-stripping, de-shedding, show prep. Available for all breeds and coat types.

Price Range: £35-£85 per groom

4. Barking Mad Dog Grooming

This popular chain of dog salons specializes in providing a fun, welcoming environment. Their playful branding and decor help pups feel at ease. For added comfort, all tubs and tables are placed at ground level.

Despite the lively vibe, Barking Mad’s graders are highly skilled. They blend creativity with care to give each dog a unique style suited to their natural look. Standard services plus add-ons like blueberry facials and teeth brushing are available.

Yapping Frantic additionally obliges unique requirements pets, senior canines, and restless puppies. Your canine will partake in their visit beginning to end.

Location: Locations across the UK

Services: General preparing in addition to extraordinary styling choices. It additionally takes care of exceptional necessities pets.

Price Range: £20-£60 per groom

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5. Stylish Mutt

The Stylish Mutt prides itself on finding the inner beauty in every dog. Their skilled groomers aim to enhance your pup’s features while looking stylish. They can do it all with short trims, long flowing coats, and rounded teddy bear cuts.

This salon utilizes veggie lover, eco-accommodating prepping items to spoil little guys without cruel synthetic substances. Canines of any age, breeds, and exceptional requirements are gladly received. The staff focuses on delicate dealing with and tolerance most importantly.

You can trust the Stylish Mutt to make your beloved dog look and feel their best in a caring environment. Your pup will leave walking with confidence.

Location: Throughout London and southern England

Services: Standard and luxury grooming using vegan products. Hand-scissoring, breed styling, unique requirements pets.

Price Range: £35-£65 per groom

6. Wiggles & Wags

Wiggles & Wags caters to your dog’s needs. Their comprehensive menu includes complete grooming services, doggy daycare, boarding, and training. You can get all your pup’s pups in one place.

Their experienced groomers have a gentle touch to put anxious pups at ease. They also use aromatherapy, massage, and calming treats to relax dogs during their visit. For high-energy pets, a romp in daycare can precede grooming.

With their caring staff and stress-free approach, Wiggles & Wags makes grooming enjoyable. Your dog will walk out looking and feeling their best.

Location: Locations across central England

Services: Full grooming services plus daycare, boarding, and training. Options for anxious or high-energy dogs.

Price Range: £30-£80 per groom

7. Happy Hounds Dog Grooming

Happy Hounds has perfected the art of low-stress handling. Their dog groomers use slow movements, soothing voices, and positive reinforcement to put pups at ease. Shy or anxious pets can take things slow with several introductory visits.

All staff individuals have broad experience working with saved canines, older pets, and exceptional requirements creatures. Your pup will receive compassionate care tailored to their needs, no matter their background.

Happy Hounds’ Hounds’ Patient approach helps ensure your dog feels comfortable during grooming. Their focus is keeping your pup happy from start to finish.

Location: Salons across Wales and western England

Services: Fragile dealing with planning for all canines, special prerequisites, and rescues.

Price Range: £20-£50 per groom

8. Precious Pooch Pet Spa

The Precious Pooch brings a touch of luxury to the grooming experience. Each location features amenities like lavish reception areas, crystal chandeliers, and vanity stations. Pups feel pampered from the moment they walk through the door.

In addition to complete salon services, Precious Pooch offers unique indulgences. Options include blueberry facials, milk and honey baths, teeth whitening, and more. Every visit provides a spa-like escape for your beloved dog.

With their upscale facilities and indulgent services, Precious Pooch lets you treat your pet to the royal treatment they deserve.

Location: Salons in London, Manchester and Leeds

Services: Luxury grooming package, including facials, specialty baths, and teeth whitening.

Price Range: £45-£120 per groom

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9. Scruffts Dog Grooming

Scruffts Dog Grooming provides exceptional service without the high price tag. Their experienced groomers offer all standard and luxury options at budget-friendly rates.

They emphasize creating a calm environment to make dogs of all temperaments feel comfortable. Soothing music, aromatherapy diffusers, and gentle handling give pups a pleasant visit.

Scruffts also accommodate last-minute appointments and walk-ins when possible. Their caring staff and flexibility provide a top-notch yet affordable grooming solution.

Location: Locations across northern England and Scotland

Services: Budget full-service grooming. It also caters to last-minute appointments.

Price Range: £15-£50 per groom

10. The Pampered Pup

The Pampered Pup offers a wide variety of styling options beyond basic trims. Their creative groomers can give your dog a teddy bear cut, mohawk, summer cut, or any style you desire. Show them a photo, and they can replicate the look.

In addition to cutting and styling, The Pampered Pup provides bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and other grooming essentials. Their staff is trained to handle even severely matted coats with care.

Let your imagination run wild and transform your dog’s dog, The Pampered Pup. Their expert groomers can turn any idea into reality.

Location: Salons across Wales and western England

Services: Creative grooming and styling services. They are trained to handle matted coats.

Price Range: £25-£65 per groom

11. Aussie Pet Mobile

For pet owners short on time, Aussie Pet Mobile brings the grooming salon straight to you. Their fully mobile professional groomers arrive in custom vans equipped with tubs, tables, and all necessary tools.

Your pup will receive a thorough wash, trim, nail clipping, and more in the comfort of your home. Aussie Pet Mobile groomers are trained to handle dogs of all temperaments, from rambunctious to shy.

With Aussie Pet Mobile, you get the top-notch service of a grooming salon without ever leaving home. It’s the ultimate convenient option for busy pet owners.

Location: Mobile vans serving locations across the UK

Services: Full mobile grooming services right at your home.

Price Range: £25-£75 per groom, varies by service type and location

12. Bubbles Dog Wash

For a quick and affordable grooming option, visit Bubbles Dog Wash. Their self-serve dog wash stations allow you to bathe and bond with your pup at your own pace.

The facilities are stocked with quality shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and everything needed for washing. For an extra fee, you can add services like nail trimming and anal gland expression performed by their staff.

Bubbles Dog Wash offers convenience and savings compared to full-service groomers. Please stop by for a quality bath and cleaning whenever possible.

Location: Locations across the UK

Services: Self-serve dog washing plus add-on services like nail trimming.

Price Range: £10-£25 per wash depending on location and add-ons

13. Bark & Bubble

This boutique salon provides a welcoming environment where dogs of all kinds feel at home. In addition to standard grooming, Bark & Bubble offers creative styling options, aromatherapy treatments, and cat grooming services.

Their caring approach helps even anxious pets relax during visits. Dogs are handled gently from start to finish. Many customers report their pups happily trot inside upon arrival.

With Bark & Bubble’Bubble’sinviting staff and atmosphere, your dog’s dog’s experience will be enjoyable and stress-free. They aim to establish long-term relationships with both pets and owners.

Location: Stores in London and southeast England

Services: Cat and dog grooming, unique styling options, aromatherapy.

Price Range: £35-£65 per groom

14. PetSmart Grooming Salons

The grooming salons inside PetSmart offer convenience for pet owners. While you shop for food, toys, and more, experienced groomers will wash, trim, and pamper your pup.

Standard grooming services plus add-ons like teeth brushing and shed-reducing treatments are available. Their groomers are trained to handle dogs of all activity levels, from rambunctious to laid-back.

Visit PetSmart for all your pet needs, including keeping your dog looking their best. Their on-site salons provide accessible, quality grooming.

Location: PetSmart stores across the UK

Services: Full standard and specialty grooming services. All groomers are PetSmart-trained.

Price Range: £25-£50 per groom, varies by location

15. Yappy Days Dog Grooming

With 25+ years of experience, Yappy Days Dog Grooming can transform your pup’s pup’s pups. Their skilled groomers stay up-to-date on the latest trends and styles to give your dog a fashionable cut.

In addition to cutting and styling, they offer flea baths, shed-less treatments, blueberry facials, and teeth brushing. Their comprehensive menu has options to pamper pups of all kinds.

Yappy Days’ eDays’ experienced staff provides quality grooming at reasonable prices. Please stop by one of their salons to give your beloved dog a makeover.

Location: Locations across England

Services: Full grooming services, including trendy cuts, facials, and luxury baths.

Price Range: £20-£50 per groom

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How Often Should You Get Your Dog Groomed?

Most dogs need professional grooming every 4 to 8 weeks. However, certain factors can increase or decrease this frequency:

  • Coat type: Dogs with continuously growing hair, like poodles, need more frequent trimming. Short-haired breeds may go longer between full grooms.
  •  Shedding: Heavy shedders benefit from regular de-shedding treatments. Light shedders can go longer between full grooming sessions.
  •  Lifestyle: Active dogs who play outside regularly tend to need bathing and grooming more often.
  •  Age: Senior dogs and puppies may need frequent nail trimming and grooming care.
  •  Health issues: Skin conditions, dental disease, matted fur, or other issues may require specialized grooming at specific intervals.

Consider your dog’s dog’s coat, activity level, and health to determine their ideal grooming schedule. Most dogs ‘ regular professional grooming every 6-8 weeks promotes good hygiene and coat health.

What’s What in Professional Dog Grooming?

A complete professional dog grooming session typically includes:

  • Bathing: Thoroughly wash the coat with pet-safe shampoo and conditioner.
  • Drying: Use high-velocity dryers and towels to dry the fur completely.
  • Brushing and de-shedding: Removing loose hair with slicker brushes, undercoat rakes, and specialized tools.
  • Hair trimming/cutting: Stylen the coat and trim hair to the desired length using clippers and scissors.
  • Nail trimming: Clipping nails short and rounding edges to prevent injury or discomfort.
  • Ear cleaning: Removing dirt and debris from ear canals. Plucking hair around the ear opening.
  • Anal gland expression: Manually expressing full anal glands to relieve discomfort.
  • Teeth brushing: Brushing tartar and plaque off teeth with dog-safe toothpaste.
  • Perfume/cologne: Lightly spray with a scented cologne or perfume for a finishing touch.

Many groomers also offer à la carte services so you can select only the specific care your dog needs.

Tips for a Stress-Free Grooming Visit

Professional grooming involves handling and procedures that can stress some dogs. Here are tips to make sure your pup is comfortable:

  • Choose the right groomer: Select someone experienced with anxious dogs and your breed’s tour facilities to find a calm environment.
  •  Socialize your dog early: Get them used to handling, bathing, and nail trims while they are young. Use lots of praise and treats.
  •  Avoid punishment: Yelling or disciplining during grooming can increase anxiety. Stay positive.
  •  Ask about sedation: In extreme cases, sedation can help dogs relax. Discuss options with your vet.
  •  Bring comfort items: Provide your dog’s dog’sfdog’ste toys or blankets to help them settle in.
  •  Stay close by: Some groomers allow owners to stay during the visit for reassurance.
  •  Give plenty of praise: Verbally praise and give treats during and after grooming to reinforce good behavior.

With patience, TLC, and the right groomer, you can help make professional grooming easier so your dog stays calm and content.

Finding the Perfect Groomer for Your Dog: Key Takeaways

  • Look for experienced groomers with proper training and certifications. Avoid amateurs.
  •  Visit facilities in person to evaluate the setting, safety, cleanliness, and equipment quality.
  •  Choose a groomer that specializes in your dog’s bdog’sand coat type. Stylist expertise is essential.
  •  Make sure the staff uses gentle, stress-free handling methods suited for your dog’s dogs dog
  •  Look for places offering both standard and luxury services to suit your budget.
  • Get some information about experience taking care of senior canines, salvages, restless pets, and other extraordinary requirements.
  •  Consider convenience factors like location, availability, scheduling ease, and mobile options.
  •  Talk to the staff about your dog’s dog’s needs and personality to ensure a good fit.
  •  Read reviews and talk to previous customers to gauge the quality of service and care.
  •  Trust your gut – if a facility doesn’t think, move on. You and your dog should feel comfortable.

Selecting the right groomer carefully pays off with a great experience your dog will love. With this, you can find the perfect match near you.

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Conclusion: Dog Groomers

Regular professional grooming is essential to keeping your dog looking great and staying healthy. The right groomer will know how to clean and style your dog’s dog’s hair professionally. Plus, they’ll they’ll they’ll they’ll your beloved pup gently and compassionately throughout the process.

Use this guide to help find the ideal grooming service near you. Check that the staff is experienced, the facility is high-quality, and they cater to your dog’s dog’s needs. When you find the perfect match, you can trust your furry friend is in caring hands and will return to you looking fabulous.

You can confidently select a groomer your pup will love with the tips provided here. Their grooming experience will be stress-free and enjoyable and leave them looking beautiful. So pamper your pooch and keep them styling at a salon near you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog gets anxious at the dog groomers?

Let your groomer know ahead of time if your dog gets stressed. They can adjust their approach, give calming treats, or allow you to stay nearby during the visit. For highly anxious dogs, ask your vet about possible anti-anxiety medication or sedation.

How can I prepare my puppy for grooming?

Early positive experiences are essential. Handle paws frequently, brush gently, give baths, and provide lots of praise and treats. Bring your puppy to the groomer for a quick visit and treat. Gradually work up to full grooming sessions.

Should I tip my dog groomer?

It’s customary to tip 15-20% of the total service cost, similar to hair salons. Show your gratitude for excellent service with an appropriate tip.

  1. How do I maintain my dog’s clothes between grooms?
  2.  Brush frequently to prevent mats and tangles. Trim hair around eyes, ears, feet, and sanitary areas. Bathe using dry shampoo or waterless foams when dirty. Seek professional grooming as often as necessary for your dog. Do groomers remove dogs’ dogs?

Most avoid cutting whiskers, as they serve an essential sensory purpose for dogs. Removing whiskers is controversial and not recommended. Make sure your groomer trims the face carefully to preserve whiskers.

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