What happens when you blend the friendly temperament of the Bernese Golden Retriever Mix with the striking tricolor coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog?

You get a Bernese Golden Retriever mix also referred to as a Golden Mountain Dog! This increasing popular crossbreed combines wonderful traits from both parent breeds into one loveable hybrid companion.

Bernese Golden Retriever Mix

The Bernese Golden Retriever mix blends the friendly, loyal temperaments of its parent breeds. These large, long-haired dogs can make wonderful family pets with proper training and attention paid to their exercise needs. Their thick coats require weekly brushing to control shedding and maintain the coat’s good health. Overall, they have the potential to become sweet and gentle companions.

Breed Overview

The Bernese Golden Retriever mix breeds two purebreds into one impressive hybrid:

  • Parent 1: Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Parent 2: Golden Retriever
  • Purpose: Companion
  • Mix Name: Golden Mountain Dog
  • Nicknames: Golden Berner
  • Size: Large, 50-75+ lbs
  • Coat: Double coat, long, thick
  • Coloring: Tricolor, black/white/golden accents
  • Temperament: Friendly, devoted, eager to please

This designer dog has grown quickly in popularity thanks to their handsome looks and family friendly temperament. But what exactly does blending a Bernese plus Golden together entail? Let’s explore their origins, unique traits and what it’s like living with one of these loyal hybrids.

Bernese Mountain Dog Origins

To better understand the Golden Berner cross, let’s first examine the background of both parent breeds starting with the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Place of Origin: Canton of Bern, Switzerland

History: Originally bred as farm dogs in the Swiss Alps, the Bernese Mountain Dog pulled carts, drove cattle and served as watch dogs. Their working dog roots trace back over 2000 years to mastiff-type Roman breeds. The first breed clubs formed in Switzerland in 1907.

Purpose Then: Farm work, drafting, guarding

Purpose Now: Companion, drafting

Temperament: Affectionate, loyal, intelligent, calm, steady

Size: 70-115 lbs, 23-27.5 inches tall

Coat: Thick double coat in black, white and rust tri-color pattern

Life Expectancy: 7-10 years

The Bernese Mountain Dog remains a versatile working breed renowned for its gentle character. Let’s examine the equally beloved Golden Retriever next.

Golden Retriever Mix Facts History

Place of Origin: Scotland

History: Bred as gundogs skilled at retrieving waterfowl, the Golden Retriever eventually gained fame as unparalleled family companions. The first three Golden Retrievers bred in Britain were named Primrose, Cowslip and Crocus, born in the late 1860s.

Purpose Then: Hunting waterfowl, retrieving

Purpose Now: Companion, service dog

Temperament: Friendly, trustworthy, devoted, intelligent

Size: 55-75 lbs, 21.5-24 inches tall

Coat: Double coat, flat or wavy, water resistant

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

Both parent breeds share common ancestry as hard working dogs renowned for their steadfast gentle loyalty devoted to their human families.

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Bernese Golden: Ideal Companion Dog

When you blend the best traits of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever together into one hybrid dog, you get the ultimate family companion!

The Bernese Golden Retriever mix tends to inherit the loyalty, eagerness to please and affectionate nature characteristic of both lineages. They make devoted companions promising to stick by your side.

These hybrids also have high potential as service dogs, emotional support animals and therapy dogs thanks to their intuitively caring temperament coupled with biddability.

Appearance: Stunning Tri-Colored Coat

The Bernese Golden Retriever mix inherits physical traits from both parent breeds ranging from:

  • Facial features: Head shape often similar to Golden Retriever with drop ears
  • Coat type: Double coated, thick, moderately long
  • Coat colors: Black, white and rust tri-color Bernese pattern mixed with golden hues
  • Tail: Long, furry tail resembling Golden Retriever style
  • Size: Large dog ranging 50-75+ pounds depending on parents’ size
  • Eye color: Brown, intelligent expression

These hybrids showcase the signature Bernese Mountain Dog black, white and rust colored coat beautifully infused with the golden highlights of a Golden Retriever.

No two designer hybrid litters turn out exactly the same. Variability exists across first generation crosses. Some pups lean more towards Golden Retriever looks whereas others mirror Bernese features. Multigenerational Bernese Golden Retriever mixes showcase increased coat and conformation uniformity over subsequent litters.

Bernese Golden Retriever Mix Size Specifications

Female22-26 inches55-70 lbs
Male24-27 inches70-85 lbs

Regardless of whether their looks skew slightly more Golden or Bernese, these hybrids never fail to turn heads with their attractive tri-colored coats!

Temperament and Personality

The Bernese Golden Retriever mix tends to be an intuitive, sensitive dog keenly aware of their owner’s moods. They aim to please and nurture very strong bonds with all members of their adopted human pack.

As hybrid dogs, their temperaments continue evolving over generations. But hallmark traits reflect those of their parent lineages:

  • Affectionate
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Trustworthy
  • Playful
  • Calm

Proper early socialization helps nurture confidence and social skills critical for hybrid vigor. Attend puppy classes led by force-free trainers for a solid canine citizen foundation.

Exposure to new sights, sounds, people and pets during puppyhood sets the course for a confident, composed companion. Keep training sessions upbeat using rewards like tasty treats and praise to motivate these eager to please crosses.

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Exercise & Activity Needs

The Bernese Golden thrives on active lifestyles and bonds tightly through shared experiences outdoors with their beloved owner.

As a medium to large dog bred from working stock, they require 30-60+ minutes of daily exercise plus interactive playtime sprinkled throughout the day.

Activities this cheerful hybrid enjoys include:

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Playing fetch
  • Swimming
  • Backpacking
  • Dog sports

Monitor for signs of fatigue on excessively hot days. Avoid overexertion during rapid growth periods while bones and joints develop.

Mentally entice their energetic side by teaching new tricks, introducing puzzle toys and playing hide and seek with favorite toys. Both Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs live to spend time interacting with their treasured people.

Ideal Types of Exercise for a Bernese Golden

BenefitsExample Activities
Aerobic ConditioningWalking, jogging, hiking, swimming
Joint HealthOn-leash roaming, light agility
Mental StimulationInteractive games, learning tricks/commands
BondingAny shared activities with their beloved owner!

As long as you take them along on the adventure, this hybrid will undoubtedly have a pep in their step!

Training Tips

The loyal Bernese Golden Retriever mix aims to please their owner which allows them to be fairly easy to train. Still, early structured lessons set the foundation for stellar behavior.

Use Positive Reinforcement

This sensitive cross responds best to upbeat, rewards based training. Use treats, praise and play to motivate them to happily repeat desired actions.

Start Young

Enroll in puppy socialization classes featuring positive methods for essential life skills. Practice at home.

Be Consistent

All human family should reinforce house rules and commands identically using the same cues. Consistency minimizes confusion.

Motivate Playfully

Incorporate their favorite toys or games rewarding their training efforts. This hybrid loves to have fun!

While eager to pick up new things, their lovable goofy side may poke through in distraction filled environments. Patience and repetition solidifies proofing. Their aim to please makes the effort worthwhile.

Grooming Requirements

The Bernese Golden Retriever mix sheds seasonally several times per year often heavily as their double coat blows out old hair to make way for new growth. During peak shedding seasons you can practically fill a garbage bag with fluffy fur brushed out over a week!

Plan to brush coat at least 1-2 times per week year round. Bathing every 6-12 weeks helps keep their lush coat sparkling clean. Trim nails monthly. Brush teeth with dog safe toothpaste for optimal dental health.

Bernese Golden Retriever Mix Grooming Needs

Brushing3-7 times weeklySlicker brush, undercoat rake
BathingEvery 6-12 weeksDog shampoo, towels
Nail TrimsEvery 4-6 weeksNail clippers
Ear CleaningAs needed during bathsCotton balls, cleaner
Dental CareDaily brushing idealDog toothbrush & toothpaste

As seasonal shedders, owning a good vacuum is a must with this hybrid! Place washable mats on furniture to catch flying fur tumbleweeds.

Health Considerations

All purebred dogs face certain health vulnerabilities based on hereditary traits passed down in their breeds. As dogs half Bernese and half Golden Retriever, some issues to remain aware of include:

Bernese Mountain Dog Health Issues

  • Cancer
  • Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Allergies
  • Eye Issues

Golden Retriever Health Issues

  • Cancer
  • Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
  • Skin Problems
  • Ear Infections
  • Eye Issues

Responsible breeders screen parent dogs limiting affected lineages. Still expect potential costly vet bills addressing any emerging issues down the road. Embrace preventative care, quality nutrition and proactive wellness habits further minimizing risks.

Major Health Issues Impacting Parent Breeds

ConditionRisk Factor in ParentsTips to Reduce Risk
Hip/Elbow DysplasiaHereditaryFeed large breed puppy diet; avoid overexertion while growing
Skin AllergiesGenetic & environmentalLimit ingredients diet; bathe when needed; antihistamines
CancerGenetics & toxinsSpay/neuter once mature; limit pesticide use
BloatGenetic & anatomicalSlow feeder bowl; rest before/after eating; prevent obesity

With purebred dogs, meticulous health testing helps reveal affected lines to avoid breeding. Crossbreed litters often bypass such rigor allowing vulnerable pups to be widely produced. Select breeders proving parent dog health clearances to minimize foreseeable issues appearing down the road.

Finding a Reputable Breeder

Bernese Golden Retriever mix puppies sold online or in pet stores often originate from questionable sources with unverifiable backgrounds. Seek out small scale breeders focused on health and temperament over profits.

Signs of Quality Breeders

  • Proves parent dogs’ health testing
  • Socializes pups extensively
  • Stays for life support
  • Limited breeding pairs
  • AKC Limited Registration

Red Flags

  • Constant litters
  • Won’t allow home visits
  • No health verification
  • Makes excuses

Price Range

Expect to invest $800 to $2500+ for a Bernese Golden Retriever depending on breeder’s exclusivity.

Take your time vetting breeders thoroughly. Rushing decisions risks supporting substandard sources producing potentially unwell companion pups. Prioritize health, socialization and lifetime guidance over convenience or price when picking your beloved future pup.

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Is a Bernese Golden Right for You?

Before welcoming one of these striking tri-colored hybrids into your life, ensure you can provide for their extensive needs. Consider the following:

Time Commitment

  • Grooming demands
  • Daily exercise needs
  • Training requires dedication
  • Thrives on togetherness

Exercise Level

  • Moderate to high energy
  • Best for active homes
  • Needs daily activity

Space Considerations

  • Large adult size
  • Requires room to roam
  • Not ideal for apartments or tiny homes

As long as you fully commit to their care, exercise and training requirements long term, the loyal Bernese Golden Retriever promises to return the investment of your time and care in abundant love, laughter and dedication illuminating your days for years to come.


Blending the best traits of two leading family friendly breeds like the Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog yields devoted hybrid companions melting hearts wherever they roam. Clever, gentle and eager to bond, the Bernese Golden Retriever mix makes up for their shorter expected lifespan of 10-12 years by filling each blessed day with joie de vivre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bernese Golden Retrievers shed a lot?

Yes! As double coated breeds, expect copious shedding year round with blow out seasons biannually when they shed their coat in bucketsful. Be prepared to brush frequently and vacuum constantly.

How long do Bernese Golden Retriever mixes live?

With average lifespans around 10-12 years, their crossbred hybrid vigor gifts a few extra years over the standard Bernese Mountain Dog. Focus on preventative care and high quality nutrition to maximize longevity.

Do Bernese Golden Retrievers get along with other pets?

Yes, with proper socialization! Their friendly temperament allows them to thrive in multi-pet households. Supervise all interactions at first just to be safe. Proper manners training teaches appropriate play.

What colors do Bernese Golden Retrievers come in?

Most sport the signature Bernese black, white and rust colored coat beautifully blended with golden highlights from their Golden Retriever lineage. No two coats look exactly alike lending individuality!

Are Bernese Golden Retrievers easy to train?

Yes! They aim eager to please their owners and learn quickly through positive reinforcement training methods. Use food motivation and lots of praise coupled with consistency for best results.

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