The dachshund beagle mix, also known as the Doxle, is a cross between a dachshund and a beagle.

This relatively new hybrid dog breed combines the best personality and physical traits of its parents into a petite and affectionate package.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about dachshund beagle mixes as family pets.

Origin of Dachshund Beagle Mixes

Dachshund and beagle mix first started appearing in the early 2000s as part of the growing popularity of hybrid or “designer” dogs. Breeders likely wished to blend the positive features of two beloved breeds into one. The result became a spunky and cute companion ready to bond closely with a family.

While first-generation crosses display more variability, second and third-generation dachshund beagle mixes exhibit more uniformity and breed-typical qualities coveted by devotees. Their increasing popularity worldwide is a testament to this mix’s success as an adaptable pet for many owners.

Physical Characteristics of Doxle Dogs

The dachshund beagle mix tends to inherit a unique combination of physical traits from its parent breeds. However, appearance can vary widely in the first generation. Expect subsequent filial generations to share more consistent characteristics.

Size, Height & Weight

As both parents are smaller dogs, Doxles also grow petite in stature. Most stand 8 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 15 to 30 pounds at maturity. Males trend larger while females remain more diminutive.

Body, Head & Ears

Doxles generally have an elongated body, slightly longer than they are tall. They also usually inherit the long, floppy ears of both the dachshund and beagle. The skull shape and muzzle can take on more dachshund or beagle features depending on dominant traits inherited.

Coat, Color & Fur

The Doxle coat varies from short, dense, and sleek to longer and slightly coarse in texture. Coat colors include black, brown, white, tan, and cream combinations. Patterns range from bi-color or tri-color spotting to ticking or patches of color over white fur.


This mix typically has a moderately long tail that may be slightly curved or straight.

Vital Stats of Dachshund Beagle Mixes

Weight15-30 lbs
Life Expectancy10-15 years
CoatShort, dense to slightly longer, and coarse
Coat ColorsBlack, Brown, White, Tan, Cream mixes

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Doxle Temperament and Behavior

When it comes to personality, the dachshund-beagle mix shines. They tend to be lively, devoted companions who get along well with everyone. Early training and socialization enhance their already amiable disposition. Here’s an overview of common traits:

  • Energetic – With two lively parents, Doxles have a moderately high activity level requiring around 30-60 minutes of exercise daily.
  • Playful – They love playing games with kids and thrive when given plenty of fun toys for mental stimulation.
  • Intelligent – Doxles are bright dogs that respond well to patient, positive training methods using treats and praise.
  • Sweet-natured – This loyal mix aims to please its owners and gets along wonderfully with both children and adults.
  • Mild-mannered – For such a small dog, Doxles are gentle, quiet, and peaceful when indoors around their family.
  • Cuddly – They thrive on human companionship and plenty of time snuggling in your lap!
  • Curious – A strong sense of smell inherited from the beagle parent makes exploring new environments very intriguing for this mix.
  • Friendly – Early exposure to other pets and strangers allows them to become welcoming rather than shy or wary.
  • Alert – The watchful nature of both parent breeds produces a vigilant watchdog that may bark to announce visitors.

Overall, the dachshund beagle mix makes for a delightful, family-oriented canine for a variety of households when provided with adequate daily physical activity and training. Their zest for life and cheerful loyalty towards owners make up for their small stature!

Dachshund Beagle Mix Temperament

Personality TraitDescription
Energy LevelModerately high energy requiring at least 30 minutes of daily exercise
AffectionExtremely loving and cuddly with family members
TrainabilityBright, responds best to positive reinforcement
Kid/Pet FriendlyExcellent, especially if socialized early on
Apartment LivingGood match due to the small size
Barking FrequencyModerate, may bark at unfamiliar noises
Prey DriveWill likely chase small animals due to high curiosity

Care and Feeding of Dachshund Beagle Mixes

Despite their petite package, dachshund beagle mixes require a moderate level of care and responsibility as canine companions. Here’s a summary of their needs:

Exercise – At least 30 minutes of playtime and structured walks daily keep a Doxle physically satisfied. Games, hiking, or engaging dog sports also benefit this athletic hybrid.

Training – Early obedience helps instill good manners and prevent the development of nuisance behaviors from boredom, excess energy, or curiosity. Use positive methods and keep sessions short but regular during puppyhood. Continue reinforcing training throughout adulthood.

Grooming – Moderate shedding means weekly brushing removes dead hairs from their short or medium-length coats. Check and trim nails monthly. Clean ears occasionally when dirty. Bathe every few months using a mild doggy shampoo.

Feeding – Feeding approximately 1⁄2 to 1 cup of quality dry kibble suited to their small breed size generally meets caloric needs. Meal amounts depend on age, metabolism, and activity level.

Living Conditions – The Doxle’s moderate energy level and small size allow them to thrive equally well in houses or apartments given appropriate indoor play, access to daily walks, interaction, and environmental stimulation. Their affectionate nature also causes them to shadow owners closely inside.

Health issues – Dachshunds and Beagles can pass down genetic conditions including back problems, patellar luxation, eye diseases, epilepsy, and allergies in mixed breeds. Reputable breeders screen for several of these. Also, monitor weight as obesity further stresses joints and backs.

With attention to exercise, training, a healthy diet, and veterinary care, the charming dachshund beagle mix can remain an exuberant, devoted companion for 10 to 15 years. Their outgoing yet gentle temperament helps them fit in well to homes of all kinds.

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Care Requirements for Dachshund Beagle Mixes

Care CategoryTips and Insights
Exercise30-60 minutes daily
TrainingPositive Reinforcement, Be Consistent
GroomingWeekly Brushing, Occasional Bathing
Feeding1⁄2 – 1 cup Quality Kibble Per Day
Health IssuesIntervertebral Disk Disease, Eye Problems, Patellar Luxation

Finding a Dachshund Beagle Mix Puppy

The popularity of Doxles has breeders specializing in purposeful crosses between dachshund and beagle parents. Prices range widely from $200 to upwards of $2000+ depending on the breeder’s reputation, lineage, appearance, and location.

Those set on acquiring a dachshund beagle mix pup should use these tips to locate an ethical, responsible breeder:

  • Search national breed club directories like the AKC for member breeders known to produce Doxles.
  • Attend local dog shows to network with exhibitors and hobby breeders of both parental breeds.
  • Check online classifieds sites using relevant search terms for upcoming litter.
  • Ensure the breeder health tests their breeding stock for common genetic issues and provides a health guarantee.
  • Expect to sign a contract agreeing to spay/neuter puppies not intended for breeding.
  • Make sure to visit the facility in person and ask plenty of questions before putting down a deposit on a puppy.

Prospective owners willing to take in an adult dachshund beagle mix should keep an eye on breed-specific rescues or shelters in your region. Adoption fees are usually under $400 and include veterinary care plus behavioral screening.

Tips for Acquiring a Dachshund Beagle Mix

Check AKC Breeder ListingsSearch for breeders of both parental breeds known to produce Doxles
Attend Local Dog ShowsNetwork with dachshund & beagle owners and exhibitors
Browse Classified ListingsReputable breeders often post upcoming litters online
Confirm Health TestingEnsure genetic and OFA evaluations done on sire & dam
Expect a Waiting ListPopular mix often has long waitlists for upcoming litters
Check Shelters and RescuesConsider adopting a young adult or senior Doxle

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Adopting an Adult Dachshund Beagle Mix

For those unable to purchase a brand-new Doxle pup, seeking an adult dog through adoption outlets still allows you to find this hybrid mix. Try these methods:

Breed-Specific Rescues

Specialty rescues for dachshund or beagle breeds often accept surrendered adult mixes like the Doxle as well.

Local Shelters

Check both municipal shelters and private rescue groups in your state and neighboring areas for adoptable Doxles.


This national database allows browsers to search for available adult and senior Doxles in shelters and foster homes based on desired location, age, gender, and needs.

Foster Systems

Some larger rescues utilize temporary home placement to care for dogs awaiting forever families. This allows for the assessment of personality and temperament.

Social Media

Post an adoption interest post regarding Doxles on adoption pages and lost/found pet groups in your region so members can tag rescues currently assisting this specific mix.

Ask questions about the background, health, and behavior of any potential adoptee to determine if the right match for your household. typical adoption fees range from $50 to $400 depending on the organization

Tips for Adopting an Adult Dachshund Beagle Mix

Contact Breed RescuesParent breed groups often accept mixes like Doxles
Check Local SheltersAdoptable mixes often wind up in shelters if lost/abandoned
Use Petfinder DatabaseSearchable site lists breed mixes in rescues nationally
Ask Foster GroupsTemp home placement allows assessment of behavior
Post on Social MediaAllows members to link you to groups assisting the breed


The dachshund beagle mix combines the enviable qualities of two popular small hunting breeds into one package. What Doxles lack in size, they make up for in lively spirit and loyal companionship. Smart, cheerful, and affectionate, they thrive when included in family activities and given plenty of quality time with their cherished people.

While eager to please, consistency in training is key to nurturing the good manners expected of pets. Their exercise needs also mean they are better suited for active owners providing daily outdoor time rather than strictly indoor couch potatoes. Those willing and able to meet the care requirements of this darling designer breed will surely find life is more fun with their Doxle by their side!

Frequently Asked Questions

How big does a Doxle get?

They usually reach between 8 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder and 15 to 30 lbs when fully grown. Males skew towards the higher end of their expected size range compared to daintier females.

Do they bark a lot or make noise?

Moderate barking tendencies, usually only vocalizing to alert owners about concerning sights, sounds, or visitors. Less noisy than purebred beagles but are bred to have a “big voice.”

Is a Doxle easy to potty train?

Moderately so. Their intelligence allows them to pick up the concept but small bladder size may mean more frequent trips outside during initial training stages.

How long do a dachshund and beagle mix live?

With proper care, nutrition, and health maintenance, Doxles enjoy a typical lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Are Doxles good family pets?

Yes! This friendly, gentle hybrid inherits a wonderful temperament from both parental breeds making them an excellent addition to households with older children, pets, and frequent visitors.

Can they be left alone for long periods?

Separation anxiety may develop if left alone for over 4-6 hours per day. It is best suited for families where someone is usually home due to their fondness and loyalty towards people.

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