The Beagle Chihuahua Mix affectionately nicknamed the Cheagle or Chi Beagle, beautifully blends the most appealing characteristics of its Beagle and Chihuahua parents into one captivating hybrid dog.

Small but mighty, these little crossbreeds have huge personalities packed into petite frames, making them popular companion pets.

Delving Into the Origins of This Cute Crossbreed

As with most designer dogs created over the last few decades, the Beagle Chihuahua Mix is a 221st-century invention. People began deliberately crossing purebred Chihuahuas with purebred Beagles to produce an adorable hybrid combination.

The Cheagle likely originated in North America sometime within the last 20-30 years. Crossbreeding smaller dogs like Chihuahuas with slightly larger breeds such as Beagles has become increasingly fashionable over recent years.

Pet owners and breeders aim to develop new types of dogs that blend positive attributes from two established breeds. The goal of the Cheagle was to marry the amiable temperament of the Beagle with the fierce loyalty of the Chihuahua.

Many designer hybrids like the Beagle Chihuahua mix remain uncommon. But a handful, including the Cheagle, have rapidly risen in popularity thanks to their unique combination of endearing traits.

What Does a Typical Beagle Chihuahua Mix Look Like?

It can be difficult to predict the exact size, appearance, and attributes of any crossbreed like the Cheagle. They can exhibit an extensive range of looks and temperaments depending on which parent breed is more dominant.

Some Beagle Chihuahua mixes appear almost identical to one of their purebred parents. While others seem more of a blend between the two.

On average though, most Cheagles share many common physical and behavioral qualities, despite variations in their looks:


This is a small dog, averaging around 10-15 inches tall at the shoulder. Heights at the lower or higher end of that range are also common depending on whether their Chihuahua genes make them extra tiny or Beagle ancestry adds a little extra size.

Cheagles generally weigh between just 10 to 30 pounds when fully grown. Again that exact weight varies enormously based on their body structure and bone density.

Overall Appearance

Overall these little dogs boast quite a sturdy and well-balanced body, despite their diminutive dimensions. They have nicely proportioned heads with moderately broad skulls and defined stops.

Floppy ears are common but some Cheagles inherit the erect bat ears of the Chihuahua. Expect expressive round eyes in shades of brown, tan, or hazel. These dogs also showcase longish necks, level backs, and straight tails.

The tail may curve up over the rear end with a feather-like plume of fur, like a Beagle. Or remain poker straight with less fluffy fur reminiscent of a Chihuahua tail.

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Coat Appearance

Beagle Chihuahua mixes can inherit the short fine coat of a Chihuahua that lies close to their body. But longer, thicker, and coarser double coats from their Beagle parent are also possible.

These designer dogs display a vast range of colors and patterns including:

  • Black
  • White
  • Golden
  • Cream
  • Tan
  • Tri-color spots
  • Chocolate brown
  • Brindle stripes
  • Spotted or speckled

What’s the Temperament and Personality of the Cheagle Like?

Bringing together the genes of two historic breeds like Beagles and Chihuahuas is bound to produce some fascinating personality outcomes! Let’s look closer at what you can expect from these little dogs:

Friendly and Affectionate

The Beagle Chihuahua mix forms exceptionally strong bonds with their favorite people. Expect plenty of lap sitting, snuggling under the covers at night, and even skinny dipping if you head in for a bubble bath!

They thrive when constantly close to their humans so are not suited to being left alone for long periods or living largely outside.

Attentive and Alert

These petite pups have highly tuned senses inherited from their hunting and guarding breed backgrounds. Those sizable radar dish ears don’t miss much either!

Cheagles are quick to announce visitors with a spirited chorus of barks and make observant watchdogs. But this vigilance makes them prone to suffering from separation anxiety.

Smart Yet Stubborn

Both parent breeds rank among the most intelligent of dog breeds. So this crossbreed tends to be fast learners who enjoy pleasing their special people. The Beagle influence also gifts them adorable expressive faces hard to resist!

Yet Cheagles have a definite stubborn streak thanks to the Chihuahua in their genes. Patience and enticement with tasty treats or favorite toys work wonders during training sessions.

Playful and Energetic

Small they might be, but the Cheagle packed with vim and vigor! Expect enthusiastic greetings, constant companionship, and a desire to participate in all your daily activities. These crossbreeds retain a sense of puppy-like playfulness their whole lives.

Brisk walks, lively games, puzzle toys, and off-leash adventures help them happily channel all that energy. Afterward, they’ll snuggle up on the couch with you – until the next lively escapade calls their name!

Other Personality Traits

  • Confident despite their tiny size
  • Sensitive souls who desire plenty of gentle praise
  • Adaptable to many different lifestyles and living situations
  • Prone to vocalizing and barking when overexcited
  • Can be wary around strangers without careful socialization
  • Have big dog personalities packed into petite frames!

Caring for a Beagle Chihuahua Mix: Their Lifestyle Needs

Cheagles are versatile designer dogs who can flourish in many different home environments. However, they have some key care requirements to supply all their physical and emotional needs.

Feeding a Balanced Diet

A nutritionally complete dry kibble diet formulated especially for extra small or small dog breeds keeps your Cheagle in good shape. Feed them 1⁄2 – 1 cup daily, dividing this into two smaller meals.

Leaving food out constantly risks overeating and obesity which strains their delicate joints. So scheduled mealtimes work best. Also, offer the occasional home-cooked or raw meat/veg/rice meal for variety.

Keeping Their Energy Levels High

Beagle Chihuahua mixes have lively dispositions paired with notable endurance inherited from their hunting breed ancestry. Make sure to schedule around 30-60 minutes of daily activity suited to their diminutive frames.

Ideas include on-leash walks, jogging or hiking beside you, interactive chasing and retrieval games, agility equipment scaled down for small dogs, and a chance to zoom around secure areas off-leash. Switch things up regularly to prevent boredom.

Mentally stimulating puzzle feeders and toy rotation stop their quick minds from becoming bored between active adventures. Inside play stops them bugging you for attention!

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Effective Training Techniques

Early obedience classes allow Cheagle puppies to socialize safely while learning how to understand and respond to cues. Keep training positive by avoiding punishments and using reward-based techniques instead.

Tasty treats, much praise, and favorite toys should flow freely when they respond how you want them to. Patience works better than frustration with their occasional stubborn streak.

Grooming Requirements

Which parent a Cheagle most resembles determines how much grooming their coat requires. Shorter Chihuahua-esque fur needs only weekly brushing to remove dead hairs. Longer Beagle-style coats require 2-3 quick brushes per week.

Bathing around once a month is fine, using a quality canine shampoo. Pay attention to other grooming needs like nail clipping, dental care, and checking / gently cleaning their ears. Little touches that keep your Cheagle looking and feeling their best!

Veterinary Care

Responsible pet owners partner closely with their veterinarians to nurture optimal health. An annual wellness exam plus required vaccinations form the foundation.

Discuss potential issues like hypoglycemia, luxating patellas, diabetes, eye infections, and dental problems at checkups so you know what symptoms to watch for. Providing excellent nutrition and exercise also boosts wellness.

With good preventative healthcare, regular vet visits, proper feeding, and ample activity these hybrids enjoy excellent longevity. Expect your precious Cheagle to remain vibrantly healthy for 10-15 years and even longer.

Finding a Healthy Cheagle Puppy or Rescue Dog

Convinced the charismatic Cheagle would make the perfect addition to your home? Here’s where you can locate puppies or adult dogs available for adoption or purchase.


Seek reputable breeders who fully health test their breeding dogs and emphasize temperament and welfare over profitability. Never support unethical puppy farms just trying to churn out designer dog litter!

Ask to see proof of health clearances for both parents and inspect their breeding facility in person where possible. Puppies should seem happy, relaxed, and well cared for.

Rescue Organizations and Shelters

Consider adopting your Beagle Chihuahua mix! Many end up homeless through no fault of their own. Work with non-profit rescue groups or your local municipal shelters.

The $50-400 adoption fee includes initial vaccinations, desexing, microchips, vet exams, and more. You’ll be giving a deserving dog a second chance while still getting all the benefits of Cheagle companionship.


For a well-bred Cheagle expect to budget $500-1000. Adoption fees are lower but remember to factor in ongoing costs for healthcare, nutrition, insurance, accessories, and training during their lifetime too.

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If you love the sound of a pint-sized pooch brimming with personality, the Beagle Chihuahua mix makes an ideal companion for the right owners. They thrive when constantly close to their special humans.

The Cheagle neatly combines the affable, patient nature of the Beagle with the fierce loyalty and protectiveness of the Chihuahua. This hybrid design encapsulates the best traits of both historic breeds.

Provide plenty of TLC along with mental stimulation, activity outlets, and positive reinforcement training to help any Cheagle puppy or rescue dog become a polite member of the family.

With their energetic spirit and occasional stubborn moments, the Beagle Chihuahua mix does best in homes where they receive ample interaction to prevent boredom or anxiety issues from arising. So they suit retirees, couples, and families with older kids better than busy folks frequently absent for long hours.

Few designer dogs can compete with the huge charisma and captivating character of the charismatic Cheagle. Be prepared to open both your home and heart completely once you adopt one of these special little souls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What generation mix is a Chihuahua / Beagle cross?

The Cheagle is usually a first-generation or F1 crossbreed. This means one purebred Chihuahua parent was bred with one purebred Beagle parent to produce Cheagle puppies. Second or third-generation mixes are less common.

How long will a Chihuahua Beagle mix live?

With exceptional care including preventative vet treatment, nutritious feeding, and proper exercise, expect your Cheagle companion to enjoy a lifespan of 10-15 years and often longer.

Do Cheagle dogs bark a lot?

Moderate vocalists, the vigilance inherited from both parent breeds means they will sound the alarm when they spot anything suspicious. Barking can also signal loneliness, boredom, or seeking attention so don’t unintentionally reinforce the behavior.

Are Beagle Chihuahua mixes good apartment dogs?

Yes, the small size and amenable temperament of Cheagles means they readily adapt to cozy city apartments. Just be sure to meet their daily activity quotas through regular walks/play. Access to a secure balcony replaces some traditional yard exercise needs.

What health issues do Cheagle’s have?

Minor concerns to occasionally look out for include hypoglycemia, eye infections, luxating patellas, obesity, diabetes, and dental problems if preventative care is overlooked. But overall the Beagle crossed Chihuahua mix is a robust little hybrid.

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