Do you want a black cat as a pet? You might wonder if you should get a Bombay Cats vs Black Cats.

Even though they look very similar, there are some essential differences between Bombay cats and other black cat breeds.

Keep reading to learn all about what makes Bombay unique!

Bombay Cats vs Black Cats

The main difference between Bombay cats and Black cats is that Bombay cats are a specific breed with black fur and copper eyes, whereas black cats have black fur but can be any breed or have any eye colour. Bombay cats have a distinctive look and personality unlike a regular black cat of another breed.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Bombay Cats vs Black Cats.

AttributeBombay CatBlack coat colour is expressed differently in different breeds. Eye color varies.
BreedThe Bombay breed is a specific cat breed developed by crossing Burmese and American Shorthair cats to produce a black cat with copper eyes.Black cats can be of any breed – black Persian cats, black Siamese cats, etc.
CoatSilky, fine, closely lying black coat.It can vary in texture based on breed.
EyesCopper or gold.Black is a coat colour rather than a breed.
Body TypeMedium-sized, muscular body.Varies by breed – some black cats are large, some small.
PersonalitySocial, playful, attached to families, loves attention. More dog-like.Vary by breed – some more aloof, some very attached and social.
Care NeedsRequires regular grooming and moderate exercise.Varies by breed.
OriginCross between Burmese and American Shorthair breeds. It developed in the 1950s in the USA.Varies tremendously based on the breed.
Recognized ByMajor cat registries recognize the Bombay breed.Black is a coat color rather than a breed.
GeneticsBlack coat and copper eyes bred true in Bombay cats.Black is a coat colour rather than a breed.

Now that you have an overview of the differences between Bombay Cats vs Black Cats read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

In summary, the main difference is Bombay is an established breed with predictable traits, while Black Cats have more variation as they can be any breed with a black coat. Bombay’s tend to have a more uniform appearance and personality than mixed-breed black cats.

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What Is a Bombay Cat?

A Bombay cat is a breed of cat that has a gleaming black coat. They look like miniature black panthers! These cats were first bred by mixing Burmese with black American Shorthair cats.

Bombay cats have several characteristics that make them different from regular black cats:

  • They have very short, sleek fur that is extra glossy and shiny.
  • They have striking copper or gold eyes. Regular black cats usually have yellow or green eyes.
  • They are medium-sized cats that have muscular bodies.
  • They are playful and like being around people.
  • Pedigree Bombay kittens with official papers proving their ancestry will cost $1000+.

So, in summary – Bombays are a special pedigree breed of short-haired, muscular black cats with copper eyes and extra glossy fur. Not all solid black cats are Bombay!

What’s Special About Black Cats?

Any all-black cat that doesn’t have official Bombay ancestry is called a “black cat” or “solid black cat.” They still make wonderful pets!

Some fun facts about black cats:

  • Black is one of the most common cat coat colours.
  • Solid black coats are caused by a gene that suppresses tabby patterns.
  • Black cats can have yellow, green, or orange eyes.
  • Many people think they are bad luck, but this is not true!
  • Adopted black cats often cost less than other colours.

So black cats still have unique traits, even if they aren’t an expensive pedigree breed. They have lush, solid black fur without stripes and bright eye colours. They make friendly, loving pets.

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Comparing the Looks – Fur, Eyes, and Size

Let’s compare Bombay Cats vs Black Cats appearance – including fur, eyes, size, and shape.

TraitBombay CatBlack Cat
Fur LengthShort, sleek, denseVaries – can be short or long
Fur TextureVery glossy, shiny, satin-likeLess glossy shine
Eye ColorCopper or yellow/goldYellow, green, copper, orange
Body TypeMedium size, muscularVaries – depends on breed mix
Cost*$1000+ for pedigreeOften less than Bombays

As you can see, the most significant difference is in their fur and eyes.

  • Bombay cats have shorter, glossier, denser fur than the average black cat. Their jet-black coat gleams!
  • Bombay’s eyes are copper/gold, while black cats can have various eye shades.
  • Both cats can be medium-sized, but Bombays have more muscular bodies.
  • Bombay kittens cost more since they are pedigrees.

So, if you’re looking for a shiny mini-panther, get an actual Bombay cat! But if you want an adorable black kitten without paying for the pedigree, a regular black cat makes a perfect pet, too.

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Personality and Care Needs

Aside from looks, what about personality and care needs? Are there differences as well between Bombay Cats vs Black Cats?

TraitBombay CatBlack Cat
PersonalityPlayful, affectionate, likes attentionVaries, often playful and friendly
Energy LevelModerate – like daily playtimeVaries
VocalCan be talkativeCan be vocal
GroomingWeekly brushingDepends on coat length

A few things stand out when comparing their personalities and care requirements:

  • Bombays love playing games and bond strongly with their families. Regular black cats also frequently share those friendly traits.
  • Bombay cats have a moderate activity level, while individual black cats can vary.
  • Weekly grooming is recommended for Bombay since their coats are short. Black cats with longer fur need more frequent combing.
  • Bombays don’t shed much, thanks to their short fur. Whether black cats shed depends on their coat length.
  • Bombay cats tend to be healthy, while health concerns differ between individual black cats.

In terms of care and personality, Bombay might require more regular playtime and grooming. But both Bombay and black cats have delightful, friendly personalities and can develop deep bonds with their owners.

Should I Get a Bombay Cats vs Black Cats?

After comparing the differences, which cat is right for you – the Bombay or traditional black cat?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s my budget?
    Bombay cats are more expensive since they are pedigreed. Average black cats often cost less to purchase and care for.
  • Am I attracted to the glittery black Bombay look?
    If you love short, glossy panther coats and copper eyes, get a Bombay! Any solid black cat is gorgeous if you want an adorable black cat.
  • How much grooming and playtime can I handle?
    Lively Bombays thrive with daily interactive play sessions and weekly brushing. More laidback black cats may content themselves with less.

Think about what traits matter most to you. Then, you can decide whether paying extra for the Bombay breed is worthwhile or if you would be delighted with any sweet black kitten!

Bombay and black cats make wonderfully affectionate, playful companions regardless of your choice. Be sure to buy or adopt from ethical breeders and shelters.

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Conclusion: Bombay Cats vs Black Cats

While Bombay and black cats appear similar at first glance, they have some notable differences. Bombays are pedigreed show cats with copper eyes, dense black fur, and muscular bodies costing over $1000. Average solid black cats have a more comprehensive range of eye colours and fur types and are usually much cheaper to adopt.

But no matter their heritage, any shiny black kitty will bring joy, affection and fun into your home. Think about your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget. And remember – a cat’s beauty comes from within, not papers or price tags!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all solid black cats Bombay cats?

No. Bombay cats are a specific cat breed recognized by cat registries. Not all black cats have Bombay ancestry, even if they resemble Bombay. Only black cats with verified Bombay parents are actual Bombays.

Do black cats bring bad luck?

Not! This old myth is false. Black cats are not unlucky – they bring just as much love, fun, and good fortune as any other cat. Their beautiful solid black coats should be celebrated!

Why are Bombay cats expensive?

Bombay kittens cost over $1000 because they are a pedigreed show cat breed. Reputable Bombay breeders invest significant money into health testing their breeding cats to ensure they meet breed standards. The kittens receive excellent veterinary care as well. All of this makes them cost more than average adopted black cats.

Are Bombay cats hypoallergenic?

No. While Bombays shed less than some breeds due to their short fur, no cats are entirely non-allergenic. Cats still produce allergens in their dander, oil secretions, and saliva that can irritate those with allergies. But people who are minimally allergic might do well with Bombay.

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